Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Prathap Property Omalloor video

My comments – February 1, 2011
The Courts at Pathanamthitta made their ruling in my favour on the injunction order on my neighbor at Omalloor, and the subsequent legal proceedings in the case Vs Me and the Neighbor. Therefore, the Court has upheld my rights to the properties which I bought in accordance with the Indian laws, and as such belongs to me.

My comments - October 20, 2010

Pathap's property overview after main road development on south by Govt. As one can see from the picture, a three feet entrance slide is constructed on the west-souther corner of the property to serve as pathway for third-party neighbor at Omalloor. I have initiated an injunction order on them not to encroach on my property other than the lawful 3 feet pathway I am prepared to give them along the western border of my property all the way from the front of their house to the main road on south. Nothing else, i.e. not one more inch can be given to them, free of costs. In case my western neighbor under injunction order needs a wider pathway, then the only alternative would be for them to buy a minimum 5 cents of land from me at a cost of Rs.5 lakh per cent, i.e. 25 lakhs and they can build and enjoy a wider pathway. Failing that, after leaving a 3 feet pathway as mandatory under law, I shall construct my boundary wall along the barbed wire fence laid and in position now.

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