About my House

With the blessings from Lord Shiva, I've at long last begun my house construction at my own plot at Omalloor, Kerala, India, in December, 2009.

As of 23.04.2010, the Kattilavaippu chadangu (main door frame fixing ceremony) has been successfully completed. The ground floor work has already started on Monday, 26th April, 2010, and by the grace of God the entire work should be successfully completed in about 9 months from now.

Brick work at the ground floor level is underway and all door and window frames have been fixed. The lintel work should be completed in a week or two - 13.05.2010

More news about my house construction.........

Since my last update on 13.05.2010, the construction work was steadily progressing. To put it briefly, yesterday, Monday, 20th September, 2010, the first floor level roof concreting was done successfully. Some 40 workers were involved in the operation, and supervised by my brother-in-laws, Radhakrishnan from Koduman, and Mohanaprathapan from Trivandrum.

Let the concreting work get set, and then, the next update to follow on the progress of the house under construction.

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It was purely due to the blessings of my Lord Shiva that I have been able to take the house construction work to this level. So far, so good. 21st September, 2010.

The latest pictures showing the progress of house construction to-date.

Front View


Back View

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As of date, the plastering work, both internal and external, has been done.

The next would be the application of a coat of white cement. With that, the first stage of construction is complete.

Prathap G., Sharjah - 21st May, 2011

27 October 2011 - The final / finishing works are under progress at the house construction site, such as painting, tiling, toiletry fittings, door fixing etc.

It has been observed that thefts by hoodlums take place during the night. Sacks of cement, workman's tools etc were stolen during the night of 21 Oct 2011. However, we will nab the culprits sooner or later.

The house as it looks in March 2012.

The final stages of construction is in progress.

In the meantime, in March 2012, I managed to build a boundary wall on the eastern side of my property touching the main road in front, and my house.  The boundary wall is on a north to south direction, and at south being the main road in front; the road to Chengannor from Jesus Cross Junction at Omalloor.

The boundary wall pictures

The extreme south end touching the main road.

The middle section of the wall

The starting point of the wall from north; thus effectively blocking the trespass.

And finally, on completion of the House

Thanks, Shambo Mahadeva,
Bless my house.

Prathap G.