Friday, February 04, 2011

This day that age - 1961

Dated February 5, 1961 - Technological progress.

The Prime Minister, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, declared in Hyderabad on February 4 at a mammoth public meeting that India was advancing at a fairly rapid pace in the right direction in agriculture, industry and education. Mr. Nehru said that with the exception of Japan and possibly China, no other country in Asia and also Africa had advanced in science and technology to the extent India did. Our production is now more than at any time, though population is also increasing. We are having an industrial revolution through democracy, which did not take place in any other country in the world,” Mr. Nehru said.
India-Italy ties

At the commencement of the talks between the Economic Mission from Italy and officials of the Government of India in New Delhi on February 4, the Leader of the Mission, Mr. Emilio Battista, said that the Italian Government and industry were both keen on participating in India's development. Mr. Battista is Vice-President of the Commission for Industry and Commerce of the Italian Senate. Mr. D.S. Joshi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, who leads the Indian team at the talks, expressed the hope that the visit of the Mission would further strengthen the economic and commercial ties between the two countries. There were already many fields in which Italian industries were participating.
Travellers to Goa

Travellers proceeding to Goa, Daman or Diu will be able to secure forms of “exit” cards in advance so as to enable to keep them ready, duly filled in, for submission at the border. An official spokesman said that the Press Note released on January 28 about the “exit” cards had given rise to some misunderstanding. The “exit” cards, he said, were not an innovation. Such cards had always been required to be filled in by all travellers desiring to go to Goa, Daman and Diu at the time of crossing the Indian border. The spokesman said whereas till now the “exit” cards were available only at the border, from now on they would also be available in the offices mentioned in the Press Note.

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