Friday, January 28, 2011

Nothing wrong in being an A type

Not so long ago he was one of your fast lane personality A types, always on the go, thinking new ideas, leading a team to new frontiers, getting that bottom line kicking and screaming and because of it, there was profit, the company was healthy and he was ensuring that everyone got 
bonuses and was secure and their 
families had nice houses to live in and good salaries and perks. Now, he frets about his primrose oil and his Ying Yang oil and his I Chan and the gravel in his gut has turned to sticky sweet sawdust.

He might be relaxing but everyone else in his office is tense and nervous. He carries on like this and there is going to be no profit this year. What follows? Retrenchments. Cutbacks. Salary reductions. Dozens of people directly affected because one man has slowed down, begun to relax and take it easy.

Mummy why has daddy lost his job?

Because his boss is an aromatherapy relaxant, darling.

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