Monday, November 11, 2013

Improving Leadership Skills

Leadership is known as a way to make a strong social influence, in which one person is the leader and can handle all the tasks.  Leadership is considered as one of the most important factor in organizational behavior.  However, there is no fixed definition of leadership and the definitions keep changing for every situation.

The basic definition of leadership is setting agendas, identifying the problems of people and initiating a change, which will help in improving things.  A good leader is the one who can make effective changes and improve the quality of work.

One must know how to improve one’s leadership skills in proper way.  Here are some easy steps on how to improve your leadership skills.


  1. Desire
  2. Determination

  1. First thing you need to do is to get a reality check on things.  Find some people and ask them their views on leadership and communication skills.  This will help you a lot; you can also use the 360 survey for some feedback through your staff and family members.  Ask them for various ways of improving leadership skills.

  1. Always remember that you must never take undue advantage of your power.  Never force your decisions on other people; you must have effective communication skills to convince people.  It is not necessary that your team will agree with your decision, you must explain to them the reason for change. 
  1. Make sure that you never consider your employees as things who need to be managed or controlled.  You must give them enough freedom for taking actions and decisions.  Always remember that trust is the most important thing in leadership.  If you cannot trust people with their work, then you have a few wrong people in your team, or you have not trained them properly.  Allow them to do their own thing, and do not ask them for minute details. 
  1. One important thing that you must remember is that you have to be a good listener.  People are not expressing themselves because you didn’t listen to them earlier.  Never give them a feeling that you are not interested in their problems. 
  1. Avoid giving solutions to your employees, let them figure out the solution on their own.  In this way, you will give them a chance to learn.  Always giving answers to their questions, you take away their chance to fix that problem and learn from it. Therefore, it is advised that a leader must never interfere with the work of his/her employees. 
  1. A good leader is the one who never criticize their employees. If you know that you are about to make a bad comment, take a deep breath and phrase your sentence properly.  You must be to able convey your message effectively.  You must always find a way to say things politely and calmly. 
  1. Your team’s success is your success.  Since you are the leader, your primary responsibility is to make sure that your team is succeeding.  Always focus on certain ways to enhance skills and remove obstacles from your team’s way. 
  1. Next important thing that you must have as a leader is integrity.  You must have integrity to take right decisions and decide what is good or bad for your company.  Always remember that personal interest must never be considered while taking such decisions. 
  1. People usually don’t like working in an environment which is dull and boring.  People tend to give good results when they enjoy their work.  Make every effort to create a fun filled environment, and you must participate in that.  It will surely increase your team’s spirit, and people will get a chance to see the real you; not simply as their boss. 
You must always give an opportunity for your team members to know the real you.  When your employees get to know their leader well, they tend to trust you more and respect you.

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