Wednesday, May 22, 2013


'As steam is to a steam engine, so too is a dream to your life.'

Dare to dream BIG dreams for your life. Don't ever be satisfied with small dreams, for your life was meant to be the biggest and the best. The biggest dreamers will be the biggest winners. They are the ones who will climb mountains, step on moons, brave the unchartered waters, discover lost civilizations and unveil the mysteries of mankind. But at the same time they are the one's who will make it their mission to build love within the four walls they call home, give food to the hungry and help to the orphans. All because of a dream. And it is for this reason that they will be the happiest people on earth.

'Without a dream a life is not lived. It is in fact extinct!'

Don't be a part of the walking dead. What a terrible thing to be dead at the age of twenty-five and have to wait until you're seventy to be buried. But the facts are, that there are many who have allowed themselves to be buried under the pressures of day-to-day living. In the process they have killed their dream, long before it ever had a chance to live. Mediocrity will murder your dream. Don't let it. How? Talk it, write it, breathe it, drive it, and smell it. Do whatever it takes to immerse yourself in the dream on a daily basis. Be a walking dreamer and live.

'The dream will put the motor-vation in your motor.'

The dream provides the petrol that will continue to fuel your life along life's road. With a dream in your tank you will never run dry. It will sustain you. It will propel you. It will drive you. With you at the steering wheel, and the power supplied by the dream, you will be able to follow whatever path you choose. Take out your road directory, map out your route, chart your course and you will travel in the secure knowledge that the energy supplied by the dream will get you where you desire to go. Enjoy the journey.

'Attach a big dream to a small beginning and it won't be small for too long.'

Don't ever despise a small beginning. All 'bigs' are a combination of a whole lot of smalls. Just make sure that you do excellent smalls. By doing so you will end up with an excellent big. Start with a big dream and you are creating the perfect platform on which to build a big result. It's exactly the same as building a house. Brick upon brick will ultimately produce the finished product. A single brick on its own is useless. But link them with hundreds of other bricks and you have a functional building. Take care of the small and you'll build a BIG life.

'Your dreams must be bigger than your doldrums.'

Your positives must always outweigh your negatives if you are ever going to fulfill the desires of your heart. That is why it is so important to develop and feed the dream for your life. It is the fuel in your tank. It is the big umbrella that protects you from the sudden storms. It is your refuge. It is your strength. It is your fire. It is your reason. It is what will take you from out under the bondage of the ordinary, and propel you on and into the extraordinary. It will be the pulse of your heart. It will be your anchor. It will be the map to guide you and rudder to steer you. And it must be BIG, so that no matter what life throws at you, you will stand strong. You know for certain why you have been placed on planet earth.

Be blessed!

Peter G. James Sinclair

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