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Modern age spiritualism

Modern age spiritualism
Manu Joseph (DEBATE)- 9 July 2011 - Khaleej Times, Dubai

A peculiar characteristic of Indian leaders who claim to represent the average man is that they dress very differently from him.

The majority of Indian men today wear shirts and trousers, including a tribal king who lives on top of a hill in the South Indian state of Kerala. But political and philosophical figures in India continue to wear costumes from another time. Among them is a middle-aged man in white silk robes.

- My response to the above write-up, which appeared in Khaleej Times, Dubai

Modern spiritualism - 10 July 2011 - Khaleej Times

This is with reference to the Opinion article ‘Modern age spiritualism’ (KT, July 9). Whereas, the writer is free to be critical about spiritualism and the so-called leaders such as Ravi Shankar in India, painting India in such a colorless manner, especially the “truth” part of it, is deplorable.

Indian spirituality is deep-rooted in the minds of “true” Indians.

If that doesn’t satisfy the writer, he should spread his wings and fly all 
the way to the West to find materialism, than staying put with the mythological and spiritual dispositions of India - Prathap G, Sharjah

- Another response to the said write-up, which appeared in Khaleej Times.

Modern spiritualism - 12 July 2011 - Khaleej Times

This is in response to the Opinion article, ‘Modern age spiritualism’ (KT, July 9). It’s a blatant attack on Sri Shankar, the founder of Art of Living, and a renowned Yoga guru having huge following across the globe.

As if this was not enough, the writer goes on to the extent of criticising Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel Laureate and a highly respected Indian personality. It is difficult to understand what prompted him to write this derogatory piece, which is simply uncalled for.

Perhaps, the writer didn’t like the way Sri Shankar conducted an interview some nine years ago in Mumbai. In writer’s words, during the interview session, Sri Shankar was sitting on a large, embellished, throne-like chair while about 50 of Mumbai’s rich and famous sat on the floor. This is pointless - Manoj Joshi, Abu Dhabi

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