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My letter to Gandhi Bhavan

29TH JUNE 2011
(Letter already sent by courier, to Gandhi Bhavan today).

Kundayam P O.,
PIN: 689695,
Kollam dist.,


Dear Shri Somarajan
(and may it please your good offices at Gandhi Bhavan),

Please be informed at the outset that the intention of the writer of this letter, Prathapan Gopalan, husband of Prameela, is to put the records straight concerning the question of Smt. Rajamma of Murinjakal, who is currently on board at Gandhi Bhavan.

On Monday, 27th June 2011, a TV crew emerged in the morning at Gurukripa household (formerly Thirumangalathu House), Murinjakal, along with Dr Viswanathan, Advocate Lethika (Aysha), and someone from Gandhi Bhavan, apparently at the behest of Smt. Rajamma. This information was passed on to us in Sharjah immediately by the people in the neighborhood of the said house.

The plan of the above mentioned team, it appeared, was to photograph the house, record the conversation between themselves concerning the status of the property and house, whereby they debated the “issue” that these properties were forcefully or illegally acquired by my wife, Prameela, as Smt Rajamma, through Advocate Lethika, made the TV crew and the Gandhi Bhavan operators to believe. As well as to air that episode via TV channels for the world to see, amounting to defamation of Prameela!

While the above recording was taking place, none of the team spoke to Shri Sreedharan, nor listened to what he had to say. It may also be noted that none of the TV crew members or any one from Gandhi Bhavan or the lady lawyer Lethika contacted us to verify the actual state of affairs, before they chose to visit to place, record the TV episode, and subsequently to air it, without our knowledge; only to defame us in public.

Whether the above stated episode had already been aired by any TV channel is not known to us, however, if that was the case, we will eventually know it. If the TV showing has not been done yet, behold, don’t even dare to do it. In other words, withhold the verdict until all the evidences are in.

As for evidence, or to prove that the statement made to yourself by Smt Rajamma or her advocate Lethika to-date are poppycock, unfounded, concocted, ridiculous, and incorrect, I have attached herewith copies of few letters written by Smt Rajamma to Prameela over a over a period of 10 years (from 2000 to 2010). Also attached are copy of letter I wrote to my brother-in-law, Mohanaprathapan at Thiruvananthapuram, in response to Smt Rajamma’s letter to him; letters written by Sivan (brother to Prameela); and copy of a letter written by the lady who was residing with and looking after Smt Rajamma at the erstwhile Thirumangalathu house, and replies thereof by Prameela. These letters give adequate coverage of the goings on at Thirumangalathu House under the patronage of Smt Rajamma.

Also attached is an FD statement from Federal Bank; the contents on both sides of it are self-explanatory.

From the above stated copy letters written by Smt Rajamma, it would become clearly apparent that the property and the house that belonged to Smt Rajamma was written, and registered in the name of her daughter, Prameela, upon the mother’s persistence, will, and in line with the laws of the land, and that there was nothing untoward or illegal about that transaction. Besides, no one raised any question or complaint when the said property was written in Prameela’s name in 2008.

As stated in the copy of several letters written by Smt Rajamma, the idea of writing the said property in Prameela’s name was to rescue the said property and house from an imminent take over by Co-Cp Bank from whom a loan was availed by Sivan against the said properties. We paid of the loan, rescued the property and thus Smt Rajamma could continue to stay at the house, and of course, if Shri Sreedharan from his sojourn returned to Murinjakal, could also live in the house until they two breathed their last (God forbid).

Shri Sreedharan returned to the household in 2010 March, and all the hell got lose once again at the command of the villainous Shaji, aided and abetted by the so-called advocate, Lethika (Aysha), and eventually, for reasons only best known to them, Smt Rajamma left the house and took abode at Gandhi Bhavan. Shaji did cut the electricity connection at the house to forcefully evict Smt Rajamma from the house. We heard about these matters only through telephone calls received from the neighborhood in Murinjakal.

I am at a loss to understand why Smt Rajamma left the house for Gandhi Bhavan at a time when her two sons (Sivan & Shaji) were in the neighborhood, and whose responsibility it was to look after the mother. And that her husband, Shri Sreedharan was also at the house, and if Smt Rajamma took it easy, he should, as husband, would have also looked after her.

I also fail to understand how Gandhi Bhavan housed at their premises a lady (Smt Rajamma) who has everything in the world; her husband, their sons, daughters, properties, houses, bank accounts, FDs; and all these people are much more wealthier than the rack-rented, downtrodden people out there who cannot afford a decent meal?

On seven occasions in the past did Smt Rajamma left Murinjakal House and stayed at different places with her relatives. And due to the persistent trouble making by Shaji, dad Sreedharan also left the house some 7 years ago, and only returned to the household in 2010 March when the house ownership was in the name of Prameela.

As for Smt Rajamma, she has a penchant for filing law cases and complaints against her siblings, daughters, sons, husband, neighbors, and even the stray dog that mistakenly barked at her. The copies attached herewith are testimony to these facts, and not my private joke or inventions, or that of my wife, Prameela. Such legal cases and complaints by Smt Rajamma ensured Shaji’s daily expenses, including his consumption of adult beverages, and kept the money bag of Lawyer Lethika ringing at regular intervals.

Prameela has no intention of writing the property back to Smt Rajamma, and if that is done, the rest would be history. That is, Rajamma will sell it, and the proceeds thereof will be eaten away by Shaji, advocate Lethika, and perhaps a part of that will go to Gandhi Bhavan (for that we believe is the TV show venture). And once the financials of Smt. Rajamma have been exhausted thus, she will land at the roadside (God forbid).

We (myself and Prameela) are more than willing (and that is a promise to you) to look after Smt Rajamma for the rest of her life with financial aid (at Prameela’s house at Murijnakal, now named Gurukripa). The attached print-out on the transfers we made to Smt. Rajamma is evident that we were financially assisting her and that she was well off until she left the house for Gandhi Bhavan as a result of the foolhardy scheme enacted by Shaji and the lawyer Lethika.

Smt Rajamma should leave Gandhi Bhavan after collecting the Rs 50,000 she deposited with them, and return to Murinjakal to stay at our house in peace. But before that, we will need a written undertaking by Smt Rajamma that she will conduct herself as a good mother; live peacefully at our house, and love us all (as much as we love her) until she elects herself to depart from this world. Shri Sreedharan, her husband, is very much at the house, and she should mend her ways and establish a working relationship with him for peaceful purposes.

Needless to say, we are already humiliated in public on account of Smt Rajamma leaving the house and staying at a “shelter house”. And we are no longer prepared for any more of that humiliation.

Therefore, the bottom line is that you do not allow the airing of the said TV episode as stated above, which would only humiliate us and place us in bad light, and if that being the case, we will have no alternative but to initiate legal action against all parties concerned. At that time, all the 45 letters written by Smt Rajamma to Prameela, in her possession, will be presented to the authorities concerned, thus the truth of the matter will emerge, and the culprits penalized. These letters will also be made available to the Press at that time.

I am also wondering whether I have to forward a copy of this letter to the authorities concerned, including the Bar Associations of Pathanamthitta and Adoor, The Consulate General of India Dubai, NORKA, the TV channels, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter et al, so that Gandhi Bhavan shall confine themselves to humanitarian services than indulge in amassing ill-gotten wealth through such clandestine schemes as airing TV shows and defaming people, who have nothing whatsoever to do with these hooligans, but know their onions.

By the way, I am a non-resident Indian in the U.A.E. since 1976, and my wife since 1980, and our reputation and public record speaks for itself. We mind our own businesses and have no time for engaging in petty politics, bickering, and treachery as practiced by those who wish to defame us.

Now the ball is in your court, and that is all, your honor.

Thanks and best regards,

Prathapan Gopalan,
(Written in close co-ordination with my wife,
Prameela - daughter of Smt Rajamma).

(Address withheld for security reasons)



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