Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ramdev Saga

The facebook repartee on Ramdev Bla

Prathapan Gopalan - If you are referring to the so-called “Guru Ramdev”, let me put it this way that I don't subscribe to the notion that Ramdev is a God-man of sorts, but he's brilliant, and his cause admirable (his call to the Govt of India that the massive ...sums stashed abroad through illegal measures by some people in India be brought back to the nation), which is unpalatable to those corrupt Indians The result of which being that, not only the lousy “uninitiated middle-class”, but the entire nation will continue to be entangled in the dictum “rich are getting richer and the poor poorer”.See more - 23 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Nobel Polath - we are on completely different wave lenghts here. exploiting mass histeria thru religious angle is deplorable. Ramdev tried so and even masqueraded, otherwise why the hell all the right wing xenophobic yobs shared the platform with him. Re corruption, it is a cancer that is deep rooted and must be eradicated.
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Prathapan Gopalan - The misunderstanding here is that Ramdev (not my dad or god) went ahead with a mission, that is, bring back the slush funds stashed abroad by some Indians, and that let India have a corruption free atmosphere. Other than that, as I said earlier, I am no fan of people like a Ramdev. However, painting the entire saga with a communal brush is pitiable, as those who went in support with Ramdev consisted of all communities. workers, and those who toil under the daily sun for a pittance, in the INDIA MAHAN.

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