Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prathapan Property Remeasured

This morning, my properties at Omalloor was remeasured by the authorities concerned, and it was established that there exists no stream, or provisions for a stream, to run through my properties. Therefore, the area bulldozed, as can be seen in this video, will be filled up by my workers immediately.

In case a stream has to run through my properties, then the illegal wall constructed deep into my property by my northern neighbor has to be demolished. Under no circumstances will I permit any further encroachment on my properties by anyone, and that is final. Failing which, I will file a suite against all concerned with the Courts of Law in India.

Right now, as per the authorities who measured my properties this morning, no one can construct any stream through my properties, and hence, the stream development is stopped forthwith.

The aforementioned, however, does not extenuate my northern neighbor's guilt of having illegally constructed the wall over my property, and that too, without my knowledge.

Prathapan Gopalan, Omalloor - Prathap G. Sharjah - Saturday, 28 May 2011.

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