Wednesday, December 01, 2010


EMKE GROUP - 4 Decades of unparalleled commitment to customer service.

A step taken 4 decades ago has turned into a journey reaching fulfilling milestones one after the other. Head quartered in Abu Dhabi, a dynamic city of opportunities, we have grown from an enterprise to an international group with businesses spread over 3 continents. Our Founder and Chairman Mr. M. K. Abdulla's legacy is ably carried forward by our Group Managing Director Mr. Yusuf Ali M. A. – a driving force that has taken our Group to exhilarating heights.

Furthermore, Yusuf Ali M.A. says - "Operating in various countries, and conforming to social requirements in these regions, have made us conversant with the concept of a free and fearless world where everybody can live in harmony with each other, and our commitment is to enable the realization of this world in every way we can ".

So far, so good, dear Yusuf Ali, hats off to you, but there is more to it than meet the eye. Please read on, dear Yusuf Ali….

Dear Yusuf Ali, don’t let your Sharjah outlet, Al Falah, cook and sell Mutton Curry, which is the lousiest, rubbish, and renders the entire culinary fraternity and the Mutton Curry making specialists a laughing stock.

Let me tell you dear Yusuf Ali that yesterday, the 30th of November 2010, at 8.00 p.m. I bought a pack of mutton curry and some parathas from your Al Falah, Sharjah, outlet, at AED.15.00. Upon starting to devour it at home, dear Yusuf Ali, all hell broke loose. The mutton curry had no mutton in it, but was entirely bones, and the tasteless curry made me curse you to the last degree. The parathas were so hard that it would require a fresh supply of tooth to chew it. The entire package (mutton curry and the parathas) were duly consigned to the waste bin at my kitchen. Shame on you and your mutton curry, or rather bone curry and parathas, which I will never ever again buy from your outlet, as it is a colossal waste of time and money.

Please, dear Yusuf Ali, stop hoodwinking the masses with the mutton curry and parathas in your grandiose Al Falahs and Lulus any more. Stop cooking, if you will, and concentrate more on selling uncooked stuff i.e. raw fish, raw mutton, and all other goodies in the world that people cook and eat at home on their own.

I’m under the impression that you are using the daily leftover mutton stock with bones to make your lousy mutton curry at your Al Falah, Sharjah, outlet, to save costs to yourself but at the cost of unsuspecting customers like me. Amen.

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