Friday, November 19, 2010

Illegal outflow bleeds India

Illegal outflow bleeds India

The money squandered from India to foreign destinations to the tune of $462 billion is not at all surprising, considering the amount of money that business houses have to give to politicians across the spectrum.

Half of that money would have been adequate to eradicate poverty in India by building houses for the poor and feeding them three meals a day. Son of bixxxes, rather than sons of the soil, as pundits say. The damned pundits in India too are corrupt; hence perish the thought.

However, all the baxxxrds involved in this scam ought to be brought to book, and send to the dungeons; earlier the better - Prathap G., Sharjah - 19 November 2010

Further on corruption in India.......

Corruption levels

I wish to comment on the Indian Congress party’s double standards, namely that of Mr Corrupt Kalmadi, Mr Corrupt Chavan and Mr Corrupt Raja during the Common Wealth Games, Adarsh housing and 2G spectrum.

When the opposition came out against the three, Congress leader Mr Clean Manmohan Singh refused to speak or take action.

More than two lakh slum dwellers were affected during the CommonWealth games. And the party did not feel guilty or take action.

But it came together, protested and filed a defamation case against ex-RSS Chief Sudarshanan for his comment against congress leader Sonia Gandhi. This clearly shows that the Congress party and the present leadership will do anything to stick to power - K Viswanathan, Dubai – 19 November 2010

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