Sunday, September 26, 2010

What A Lousy Parking Sense.

The owners (drivers) of Dubai registered vehicles, Prado Reg No. H-72672, and Honda Accord Reg No. B-38174, have a lousy parking sense.

Sharjah, U.A.E. – Sunday, 26th September, 2010 . This morning I did a Herculean effort to retrieve my daughter’s car, Mitsubishi Reg. No. 50526 Sharjah, from where it was parked at the open plot in front of Prime Tower Hotel, Abu Shagara, Sharjah; the neighborhood of our residential building, City Tower.

Two Dubai registered vehicles i.e. a Prado Reg. No. H-72672 and a Honda Accord Reg. No. B-38174, were haphazardly parked overnight, in a “V” shape, on the right and back of my daughter’s car. We had to wait for half an hour from 6.30 am when the car on the left was moved by that car driver, however, there were no indication of the Prado and Honda drivers turning up at all. At 7.15 am, I had to maneuver my daughter’s car to the front, left, right and rear to near perfection to get her car out from where it was screwed up by the Prado and Honda vehicles.

Who are these idiots to park their vehicles in such a lousy manner wasting other peoples' time, especially in the early morning hours, when all are busy preparing to reach their workplaces?

As a result of the mess created by the Prado H-72672 and Honda B-38174 clowns, my daughter was late for 2 hours, and me, 1 hour, to reach our respective offices this morning. At a loss to understand why these dingdongs do not leave their phone numbers on the windscreen of their damned vehicles so that at least one can contact them when in distress.

I hope the traffic authorities in Dubai will make a note of this matter, and advise the above mentioned vehicle owners (drivers) to be more careful and caring for other vehicle owners (drivers) when they “park” their vehicles.

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