Friday, September 24, 2010

Billions vanish into thin air in incredible India

Billions vanish into thin air in incredible India

Indians should cringe when the 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games is mentioned. The ‘people’ themselves have brought this on themselves through the lack of collective responsibility. At least those who were contemplating about bidding for ‘Indian Olympics’ will at least keep their mouths shut till the CWG debacle tides over and that will come about in a very short time.

People forget and forgive so easily for the wrong things. This is the collective responsibility we mentioned earlier. People tend to have a callous disregard to the absurdities surrounding them. So, blaming just the organisers and the government is inappropriate. Most of us are party to it, directly or indirectly.

After the hanging bridge, the Games Village and the false ceiling setbacks, a minister casually told the media that such things happen in a developing nation like India. Seeing through the Games till October without further mishaps for a fortnight will be as tense as sitting in a control room before the launch of a space or lunar mission.

The ministers and bureaucrats keep praising the CWG. They have to. It’s their job, we guess. Let’s forget about the big guns who are mired in controversy and corruption charges.

Comments from Prathap G., Sharjah;

It is high time a total overhauling of the political arena in India is done, and that too quickly, in order to do away with all corrupt politicians, government officials, and their gang of bastards.

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