Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mayawati Mulayam

No Prime Minister material this, Maharaniji.


Believe me, we do not wish country-bumpkin personas to be the Prime Minister of India at any time. Neither we do wish to see Mayawatiji statues gracing wherever we go in our beloved country, India. Dear Saddam had a craze for erecting his statues at prominent places in Iraq. These have now been grounded by the powers that be. So no more statues please for God's sake.

In the same fashion, as far as the English language is concerned. Mulayamji ought to say quits to politics, for we Indians have no problems whatsoever with English language being used in India. We are for English to be widely used in India so that every Indian can go places in style. Style in the sense that they have no problems communicating with the fellow human beings wherever they go. Today the world is one global village and no one can say which language one shall use or speak. If I ask Mulaymji to stop using Hindi and start learning Tamil to speak in that language, what would he say to me.

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If Mulayamji is hell-bend on banishing English from U.P., so be it. Then we need to banish Mulayamji from other States in India. Jai Hind.

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