Monday, April 20, 2009

Prathap G., for Administration Manager

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My name is Prathapan Gopalan, or Prathap G., in short.

I am in search of a management position in the United Arab Emirates. I am convinced that I can do the job of an Administration Manager in any large multi-national company with great ease, and to the entire satisfaction of the management.

I am an expert administrator, just as the General Managers and CEOs I have been associated with hitherto. My salary would be AED.25,000.00 per month or more with company accommodation or HRA, a Car, and any other benefits the organization may provide.

Kindly view my CV - Click Here

Please invite me for an interview, which no doubt, will be the beginning of a healthy relationship between me and my future employer.

Prathap G., Sharjah.


Prathap G., Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (is also a probable candidate for the next general elections in India).

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