Friday, July 13, 2007

The Sari Saga

Dubai - 13 July 2007 - By Shashi Tharoor.

EARLY IN 2007 I found myself unwittingly caught up in a row over sexism (mine) and feminism (others'). It all began with a casual observation in one of my columns, prompted by my last few visits to my homeland: whatever became of the sari? ……….

Saris may well be a hassle to wear, and less convenient to get around in, but those are points I had already conceded. What they are, though, is special - and to my relief a handful of Indian women wrote to say they agreed with me.

Shreyasi Deb sent me a blog post in which she declared that "I know that the ultimate weapon in my kitty is the saree ... This Sunday I have taken down my Ikat, Chanderi, Puneri, Laheriya, Bandhej, Bomkai, Gadwal, Narayanpet, Maheshwari, Kantha and Kanjeevaram sarees and stroked them in the reflecting sunlight." (I guarantee no man would ever think of doing anything similar with his dhoti collection.)

And Sindhu Sheth wrote that she would heed my appeal: "I have decided to wear a sari (instead of my regular churidar-kurta) - once a week, to begin with." In that "to begin with" lies the hope that my original appeal will not have been entirely in vain....

Our advisor, Prathap G., in Sharjah, vouches that his wife looks more beautiful when clad in a sari…. Librahitech.

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