Friday, July 13, 2007

Dust to dust

Dubai - 13 July 2007 - By Matt Jones (Matt finish).

NOW THAT the congestion on Shaikh Zayed Road has been dealt with by the Salik toll system, please could someone do something about my sinuses. They're like the backstreets of Barsha during the evening rush hour - blocked solid.

I reckon there's enough building material lodged in them to top off Burj Dubai. The problem is the dust in the air. It's so thick Britain's Sunday Times said in a recent property feature about Dubai that it's "like breathing muesli"....

... Other ways to stay positive in traffic jams include singing well known songs with local place names inserted into the lyrics. For example, the other day, to put us in a holiday mood, Mrs Matt Finish and I came up with a Dubai version of The Beach Boys' Kokomo: "Al Wasl, Jumeirah, ooh I wanna take you to BurJu-man, Karama, come on pretty mama..."

Talking of mama, I must go. I've got to call her back.

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Matt Jones (Matt finish)

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