Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Human civilization has progressed reasonably well so far largely because human beings, as a species of the animal kingdom, have learnt to communicate and cooperate among themselves.

There is a consensus that progress would have been faster if cooperation was always willing and with negligible confrontation and more co-existence with divergent views.

Wars - hot or cold, always impede progress.

Even so, humans have moved towards a greater degree of individual freedom in addition to freedom from hunger, want and illiteracy. Because of reasonably good level of communication achieved among communities, countries and continents, society is already talking of the universal rights of everyone on planet earth. These are as stated below:

1.       The right to be treated with respect.
2.       The right to have and express own feelings.
3.       The right to be listened to and taken seriously.
4.       The right to set own priorities.
5.       The right to say “no” without feeling guilty.
6.       The right to ask for what one wants.
7.       The right to get what one pays for.
8.       The right to get information from professionals.
9.       The right to make mistakes.
10.     The right to choose not to “assert” oneself.

A careful examination of these rights would confirm beyond doubt the strategic importance of communication in the well-being of our modern society. Communications form the edifice of evolution of entire human civilization. Human beings as a species have progressed better than other animal species largely because they have learnt to communicate among themselves better.

Human beings have undertaken many projects jointly because they were able to influence other persons to a common viewpoint through better communication skills.

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