Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zurker - Own the Future

Welcome to Zurker.

Zurker is a completely new and revolutionary concept, so here is a quick overview.

The most mind-blowing thing is that Zurker members can own part of Zurker. Wow!!!

Just bring some friends here, without which your Zurker experience wouldn't be as much fun anyway, and we'll give you equity. REALLY! As more and more people join Zurker, traffic and revenue will grow, increasing the value of your vShares.

We hope you find Zurker enjoyable and profitable. Remember, the more friends you bring over, the more fun it will be, the more valuable Zurker becomes, and the more valuable your stake becomes. We call it, win-win-win!

REMINDER - Zurker will give you vShares in exchange for helping them grow - that's a stake of ownership in the Zurker Project. You don't want to end up kicking yourself when Zurker hits 100 million members.

So, get on board right away, and also invite your friends now!

Zurker - Own the Future

Prathap G.,
(Prathapan Gopalan)

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