Sunday, November 27, 2011

A sound sleep is essential for good health

A sound sleep is essential for good health......

A mentally weak person who works less and thinks more suffers from sleeplessness. This is a very painful problem and a prolonged condition could even lead to lunacy. Those who work hard should sleep at least for seven to eight hours.

Our body is made up of small cells. They break up while doing work, walking, thinking, etc., and the body and mind become tired. This tiredness can be overcome with good sleep. Sleep is an important activity for the body. It is the food for the body and a tonic for the mind. It helps in the building up of new cells and throwing out various body disorders. Disorders or diseases occur when the body is not maintained properly. Lack of sleep makes the body tired, irritable, and stressed.

Our body performs various actions during sleep. The person changes sides in sleep but the blood circulation remained unchanged. The heartbeat reduces but the digestion process is in its usual state. Liver and kidneys function properly. The body temperature also reduces by one degree during sleep.

Causes for Sleeplessness:

There are three main reasons for this problem – increased blood supply in the brain, anxiety and combination of these two leading to worry.

Natural Remedies for Sleeplessness:

The patient of insomnia wakes up late in the morning. To avoid this wake one hour before sunrise. Finish the morning chores and do Jalneti followed by morning walks.

Dip the feet in hot water for 20 minutes before going to bed. Take bath with cold water and scrub the body nicely while taking bath.

Sleep in a well-ventilated and airy room. Feel the respiration for ten minutes after lying on the bed. This will make the mind calm and give sound sleep.

Oil massage and sunbath during winters is very beneficial. Massage should include patting, friction, vibration, etc. A hot-cold fomentation on the back is very relieving. In the end, keep a cold bandage on the spine for 15 minutes.

Hot-cold fomentation on the stomach towards the liver is recommended. Place a cold bandage on the stomach at least thrice a week.

Take a spoonful of Triphala churna with hot milk or water at bedtime to overcome constipation. This is very beneficial in order to enjoy sound sleep.

Wipe the body with a thick towel at the time of taking bath. During winters, take bath with hot water followed by cold water. Take rest for 15 minutes after bath.

Give pats, pressing and vibration on the back, neck and head before going to bed.

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