Friday, April 08, 2011

April Fools - Thoughts of the past few days

Come Bonus time (April), as usual, we laugh all the way to our respective banks - much to the chagrin of the employees down the ladder - GOD 5 minutes ago via web

Whether it is global financial meltdown or 70% less profitability in our business, we, the MD, CEO, CFO and our henchmen, will do what? 16 minutes ago via web

God, however, is rich, as His devotees throw large sums of money into His kitty for the hoodlums to steal it and enjoy. about 13 hours ago via web

Place me in the category of God Almighty, for we both carry on doing the same thankless job and never gets promoted, like a barber. about 13 hours ago via web

Good Morning to all @twitter, and may GOD bless you all. about 13 hours ago via web

@gracieversusdad - A mother is supposed to feed milk to her baby. Oh Lord, why on earth are we here for ? 9:38 PM Apr 7th via web in reply to gracieversusdad

And the same applies to corporate hooligans who amass wealth at the cost of the poor workers. An earthquake or tsunami can wipe them out. 9:33 PM Apr 7th via web

All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. 9:19 PM Apr 7th via web

@CoachBernardo - Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance, does not work any more. No 9:06 PM Apr 7th via web in reply to CoachBernardo

Public Records - 9:00 PM Apr 7th via web

And that too for decades, fooling the entire workforce who sweat it out there, remain poor or dead, to make those corporate thieves rich. 8:36 PM Apr 7th

@New_federalists - What about the selfish top order executives @ the corporate arena who eat the entire banana & throws the skin to workers? 8:13 PM Apr 7th via web in reply to New_federalists

7.4 earthquake shakes northeastern Japan - via @khaleejtimes 8:02 PM Apr 7th via Tweet Button

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