Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Renewal of ID cards made easier

Renewal of ID cards made easier - United Arab Emirates

Residents renewing their Emirates ID cards can complete the process at authorised typing centres without visiting the Emirates Identity Authority registration offices from February 3.

The EIDA said the service could be availed by all UAE nationals and residents at 850 typing centres across the country.

Fees for UAE nationals will be Dh100 per year and they must submit an original summary of civil status and a valid passport. GCC citizens must pay Dh100 a year, and they must possess a valid passport and any original document confirming the holder’s residence in the UAE.

This could be an employment certificate, a marriage deed, a lease contract, a property deed, or any other document showing that the holder is engaged in trade or study. Fees for other expats will be Dh100 for a year of residency.

A service charge of Dh70 must be paid to the typing centre by all residents.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Dr Ali Al Khouri, acting Director-General of the EIDA, said: “The Authority expects this new measure to lessen the pressure on registration centres. The ID card renewal can now be completed at typing offices itself. The applicant need not visit a registration centre to get his or her fingerprints and photo taken.’’ He added: “Applicants can fill out the ID card renewal form at typing offices.

However, if an applicant’s fingerprints which were taken earlier during ID card registration fail to meet required standards, he or she will be asked to check with an EIDA registration centre to get their fingerprints taken again.’’ He added, “an SMS will be sent on the date for taking their fingerprints at the designated EIDA registration centre.’’

Al Khouri said children, who had completed 15 years would also be required to check with registration centres if their fingerprints were not clear during card renewal.

Residents must approach a centre directly if a card is lost, Khouri clarified.

26 January 2011

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