Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prathap Omalloor Property Pic 2


Coconut plants were planted on the property a year later the fencing work was done. However, the third-party had successfully damaged the fence as well as the entire coconut plants systematically over the past 5 years.

The house-hold seen in the picture also wanted a pathway along the eastern side of my property, for free. In fact they had no right to ask for that goodwill gesture from me since their property and mine have no connections whatsoever. When I offered a pathway as suggested by them they were not ready to part with Rs.10 lakhs as I suggested to them.


A 70 mm view of my property from the main road on south.


People using the pathway temporarily provided by me along the western side of my property after the fencing work.

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Another 70 mm panoramic view of the road to Chengannur from Omalloor Jesus Cross junction (kurishummood). The picture was taken from the 2nd floor of my building at the junction as seen in one of these pictures.

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