Friday, October 01, 2010

An open letter to Obama

An open letter to Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I am speaking for myself and the not entirely uninformed belief that I speak for some of our readership. We are mostly veterans and active duty military. We are not the majority of either group but we are a significant number, in the hundreds of thousands, and are unique in one way. We are your supporters. We worked in support of your election, when you were threatened, we defended you. This is easy to check, simple as getting a record of our publication, our readership numbers or even my own service record book. I am a combat veteran from the Vietnam War.

We are not ready to abandon you but we are very concerned and I believe it is time you listened to voices other than those that have managed to isolate you from what we see as “reality.”

Our most current concern is with what appears to be a growing pattern of abuse of American rights by Federal law enforcement authorities in recent days. It is our belief that agent provocateurs have, at the direction of our complex and burdensome state security apparatus, infiltrated groups trying to end the war in Afghanistan, groups asking for an honest investigation of 9/11 and, perhaps even more seriously, groups challenging financial policies that are undermining the future of the United States...................


America is facing threats, threats that may push the nation over the edge. We are all aware of it. We are facing a crisis, grinding poverty amid increasing wealth in the hands of a very few.

Those few, those wealthy few, hardly Americans but rather a government of their own making, internationalists, buying influence, deregulation, advocating war, profiting from terrorism, are hardly invisible. You can see their trail in the $13.5 trillion dollar national debt. You can see their trail in the figures on your desk every day, poverty, unemployment, balance of trade.


Gordon Duff
Marine Vietnam war veteran
and Senior Editor, Veterans Today,
a journal of military veterans and foreign affairs

I share the views expressed by you Mr. Gordon Duff - Prathap G., Sharjah

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