Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UAE calls for world body on democratic accountability

UAE calls for world body on democratic accountability

21 July 2010,
GENEVA — The UAE on Tuesday called for establishing an international independent body representing peoples of the world to act as a parliamentary arm of the United Nations (UN) and hold any country — big or small — accountable democratically if it flouts its international responsibilities as per the principles of the international
law and legitimacy.

The UAE proposal was floated by Speaker of the Federal National Council (FNC) Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair in an address before the third World Conference of Speakers of Parliament — a global summit focusing on democracy, the role of legislative institutions
and their relationship with the UN.

Being held by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) till today at the UN Office (Palais des Nations) here, the broad theme for the 2010 Conference is ‘Parliaments in a world of crisis: securing global democratic accountability
for the common good’.

“I believe the new international accountability organisation should represent all peoples of the world and serve as a voice for principles of international justice. It’s necessary for the UN to mull deeply, creating such a parliamentary arm,” Al Ghurair said.

“I don’t mean the new institution will replace the IPU, which should maintain its independence and role as a pool for MPs of the world and a voice
for peoples.”

To advance the democratic accountability through parliamentary diplomacy, the UAE top MP stressed the importance of the fact that no international party irrespective of its weight or value on the world scene should think that it is above the rule of law.

“We are against duplicity of principles of international legitimacy which prompts people to lose trust in international organisations and resolutions,” he affirmed.

And I support it, Prathap G., Sharjah

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