Monday, April 05, 2010

5 digit perks of so-called Managers

Hello Corporate Titans, Business Owners, Chairmen, Presidents and CEOs.

Is it not a colossal waste of money which you pay to your so-called Managerial staff; some of them can't even spell their own name or write a sentence without any grammatical errors?

A 5-digit basic salary, accommodation, car, bonus, one air-ticket a year, and health insurance coverage is understandable.

But in addition to that, why do you pay for their family air-tickets, water & electricity charges, parking lot charges, and not to mention the yearly sight-seeing tours to American, European and Far Eastern destinations?

In that case, you should also consider providing them with monthly ration (rice, bread, meat, chicken-ass, cooking oil, and beverages), and a cook too, why not?

Don't you know that millions of people out there are starving, and you enrich these lousy clowns with lucre and soaps. You don't even know the basic salaries of your non-managerial staff. Do you? How do they survive with the peanuts they earn every month after having paid for their utility bills, credit card bills, food et al?

How true that in this wicked world, when the poor people are unable to feed milk to their children, the rich feed milk to their dogs. Perish the thought.

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