Saturday, October 03, 2009

The front elevation of Prathap G's house being built

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Ladies & Gentlemen of this world,

It appears the people in the neighborhood of the Plot on which the house is scheduled to be constructed are secretly trying to block construction of the house. This is evident from the fact that the Engineer responsible for starting construction work faced some aggressive movements and overtures from the neighborhood of the Plot when he was making his initial visits to the site. The Engineer even heard some threatening talk emanating from the northern part of the plot where there is a house whose inhibitants are seeking a pathway through my properties to enable them drive a car through it, as against a 3 feet pathway I am prepared to provide them (as per law, and as stated in the property ownership documents in my possession). The said neighbor already has a proper road on their eastern side starting from their house via the western side of Devi Temple near the Main Omalloor-Pathanamthitta Road.

No matter what, I will remove any obstacle that may come in the way when the house construction begins. Therefore, Engineer Madhu, need not worrry about the hoodlums in the neighborhood of the Plot. In order to encourage Madbu, I have sent him an e-mail yesterday (25.10.2009); the contents of which is as follows:

Dear Madhu,

Hope you have received my e-mail.

I get the feeting that you are afraid of people living in the neighborhood of the Plot where the house we are planning to construct.

There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of anyone at Omalloor. It was last year that we had some problems with the neighbors on whom I initiated an injunction order through my borther-in-law, P.K. Sasidharan, Advocate Pathanamthitta, restraining the party from walking across my land, i.e. through the plot in front of the plot we are planning to construct the house.

Now everybody knows that I am constructing a house at the said plot. In fact, when I was in Kerala, I spoke to P.K. Sasidharan about any people in the neighborhood at Omalloor troubling us while the construction work is being done. He said that there is nothing to worry about such things, as I am constructing a house on my plot, and if there is any problem, that he will take care of it.

So, if you come across any problems from any people at Omalloor, just let me know, or Mr. P.K. Sasidharan, whose telephone number I already gave you in my first e-mail to you. I will speak once again to Mr. P.K. Sasidharan if you want it. But once again, you need not worry about or afraid of anything at Omalloor. You are my engineer / contractor, and I will deal with anyone who may try to create problem for us, through the proper legal channels, if that becomes necesssary.

Far from it, I have ordered for two more loads of the same sand (gravel) through Mr. Pattar, which will be unloaded in the next few days to further level the entrance from main-road to the plots. As soon as that is done, you can further make the pathway better by using your men, material, and efforts. Any costs thereof will be paid by me. Just let me know how much will it cost.

As far as the stream right in front of the plot is concerned, please make an access by constructing a slab; also at my cost. Please note that it is not possible for me to do things at Omalloor while I am in Sharjah. So, now everything is up to you. Be brave, and start the necessary works as soon as the weather conditions permit it.

Best regards,


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