Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I would do if I were India’s PM

As the world’s biggest democracy goes to polls in April and May, Reuters India gives its readers the chance to say what they would do differently if elected the country’s prime minister.

Will you speed up foreign investment projects? Will you focus more on agriculture, putting more money in the pockets of farmers? How will you tackle militancy? And what will you do vis-a-vis Pakistan?

What Prathapan Gopalan would do:

April 27th, 2009 8:48 am GMT - Posted by Prathapan Gopalan

If I were the PM of India, I would first of all try to enact laws to ensure that corruption is eradicated from the face of Indian politics. That would be just one of my priorities. The most important things I would do is to uplift the downtrodden from the shackles of poverty. Ensure that good transportation system is established across the country.

Will provide better educational facilities. The farmers will be given incentives to boost agriculture. The industrial production in the country will be enhanced through good incentives to both small and large industrial houses. A better healthcare and welfare system for all countrymen will be provided. Will do everything to ensure the country is safe with strict orders to the armed forces to strike at enemies with an iron hand.

Will take the country to the next level in every which way to see that India becomes a superpower that is second to none. The secularism in the country will be safeguarded at all costs, where all people of all religious faiths will live harmoniously. In fact, I will do everything to ensure that my country, India, is the paradise on earth.

Reuters India

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