Monday, November 10, 2008

Driving Licences in UAE

Driving Licences In UAE.

Don't drink and drive. The blood alcohol limit is 0.0 and the penalty if caught is jail and or a DHS 20000 fine. Catch taxis or hire a chauffeur home.
It is great.

The roads here are excellent, but it is the mix of drivers that causes problems. People driving slowly on an eight lane highway can cause as many problems as speeding cars. However, many people drive very fast and at times recklessly, take care.

Lots of money, big powerful cars, many nationalities and young inexperienced drivers all combined, you can only imagine it till you see them in action, then it is terrifying.

Seat belts MUST be worn and there are heavy fines for not wearing them though the law seems to be ignored by many ignorant drivers. especially those with children standing on the front and back seats of their cars.

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