Sunday, September 03, 2006

On Nuclear Disarm

If ever there was a right moment to nuclear disarms, this must be it. It’s time to junk nukes.

Before asking others to disarm, the West must destroy its own arsenal of nuclear weapons. Without that there is simply no credibility when dealing with the would-be nuclear proliferators of the Third World.

It is gross idiocy on the part of the First World to assume that it is their prerogative to have nuclear arms, and not others, the so-called Third World.

Men/women are born equal in this world, and no matter which part of the world they belong, they have their freedom to choose what they want. The children born in the USA, Germany, Congo, Sri Lanka, Russia, or any other country in the world are the citizens of this world regardless of their color, cast, or religion. Therefore, they are equals, and everything under the sky ought to be distributed equitably among them.

The Westerners are not the only ones who think that everything that is good in the world should rightfully belong to them. We have these morons, the company managers who too are under the impression that only they are entitled to a fat pay check, stock option, huge bonuses, palatial mansions, luxury cars, fully paid family travel abroad, children’s school fee, medical insurance et al – all paid for by their employers - and not the rank and file employees. By consuming the largest share of the cake, these cretins are hell bend to widen the rich poor divide, doing remarkably well at it. And as a result of which, the poor spend sleepless nights thinking how to pay their bills - let alone educate their children.

Hey the Westerners and the managers – the filthy rich – listen to me. Get inebriated, chase the woman of your choice, lose heart, and get lost or hang yourselves. But for all practical purposes, refrain from bombing and destroying the civilians and their houses, which would only render them roofless, jobless, hungry, and angry. And when they agitate, you call them “terrorists”.

On the other hand, may I advocate the idea that you work towards making this world a better place for everyone to live happily. Rather than finding fault with others, cultivate the habit of team spirit. If you do not know what team spirit is, here is a condensed version of it. Chew and digest it.

Teamwork represents a set of values that encourage behaviors such as listening and constructively responding to points of view expressed by others, giving others the benefit of the doubt, providing support to those who need it, and recognizing the interests and achievements of others.

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